Hi everyone!

The initial reports for Day 2 of competition (Saturday) at Istanbul are in! There is some great news!

While there are no medals (YET! – Juniors (18-20 yr olds) are competing tomorrow) what I have heard is that the team has done excellently all the same. Seira, Shaneel and Waka ALL reaching the 4th round in their divisions. That means a final result in the Top 8 in the WORLD or finishing in the round of 8! Congratulations!! We are very proud of you! Of course, more news and details will be known (and published) when we know more. Our source giving us the inside scoop is on site in Turkey with the team but the information is being reported and filtered through several channels so we will interview the athletes when they come home next week, to get their first – hand experience. Until then…. here are the results of the division that have been completed so far, as well as the results for the athletes. Apologies for not having info on all the team members, this is all that I have heard.

Cadet -75 Kg (Male), 44 competitors, (AUS competitor: Waka NOLAN; Result: 4th Round (Quarter Finals) + Repecharge for 3rd place = Top 8 )

1st Place: R.Araga (JAPAN)

2nd Place: A.Usda (TURKEY)

3rd Place: T.Lakehal (FRANCE)

3rd Place: I.Buric (GERMANY)

Cadet -70 Kg (Male), 43 competitors, (AUS competitor: Shaneel CHAND; Result: 4th Round (Quarter Finals) + Repecharge for 3rd place = Top 8 )

1st Place: K.Grillon (FRANCE)

2nd Place: H.Kawasaki (JAPAN)

3rd Place: N.Jovanovic (SERBIA)

3rd Place: N.Potur (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Cadet -57 Kg (Female), 34 competitors, (AUS competitor: Seira YAHIRO; Result: 4th Round (Quarter Finals))

1st Place: G.Perol (TURKEY)

2nd Place: N.Bratic (CANADA)

3rd Place: E.Shaposhnikova (RUSSIA)

3rd Place: M.Lenard (CROATIA)

That’s it for now… More news to come, as we hear it!!

For the official results page and more stats and info, click here.