OK… So NEWS JUST IN for Day 3(the final day – Sunday 21st Oct ) of the Junior Worlds in Istanbbul…

Here is what our sources have told us so far: (Again, I apolgise for not having all the info about all the AUS competitors, I can only publish what I have heard).

Well done Tsuneari – for making it to the 3rd round (Round of 16)!!

 Juniors -60kg (Male) (48 competitors): (AUS competitor – Tsuneari YAHIRO– 3rd round)

1st Place: K. Ahmed (EGYPT)

2nd Place: N. Bitsch (GERMANY)

3rd Place: R. Mcmillan (ENGLAND) 

3rd Place: S. Ainine (FRANCE)

Juniors -70kg (Male) (61 competitors): (AUS competitor – Ashil PATEL – NO NEWS YET)

1st Place: I. Shirinov (AZERBAIJAN)

2nd Place: R. Sadikovs (LATVIA)

3rd Place: I. Cvetkovski (FYROM)

3rd Place: G. Tzanos (GREECE)

Junior -80 Kg (Male) (45 competitors): (AUS competitor – Asen D’JAMIRZE – 2nd round + 2 rounds of  Repecharge = Top 16)

1st Place: E. Erkan (TURKEY)

2nd Place: A. Mayorca (VENEZUELA)

 3rd Place: A. Martinez Alguacil (SPAIN)

3rd Place: M. Yariilzoleh (IRAN)

For the official results page and more stats and info click here.