As the end of 2007 draws near…. I’m sure everyone is thinking about everything that has happened this year… the blood, sweat, tears and laughter at training and in competition… and I’m also certain, that a lot of us are thinking about the same sort of thing in the coming year. 2008. Things may seem far away for the moment, but they get close in a blink. In 2008, we have quite a few international competitions for Juniors and Seniors to look forward to, but there will be the “big dance”… the one that we get a far-off look in our eyes as we imagine the atmosphere and the feeling of being there… The Senior World Championships – to be held in November, in Tokyo, Japan.

Quite a few seniors will be trying out for the team, and I’m sure all of them are anticipating the hard work and the rewards that will follow if all goes “according to plan”.

The classes have had some dramatic changes to them in the restructure of the dojo timetable. What seemed to be large space, is finally looking like the dojo Shihan wants. The gym should be finished in the new year and the upstairs office recently made way for a new change room.

Main dojo holidays will start from Saturday 22 December, 2007 until Monday 7 January, 2008.

See you all at the last Saturday training this weekend and the annual dojo “Spring clean”… it’s always a lot of fun!

And lastly… see you at the Christmas party at the Economou Residence!!! yay!

Bring your running shoes for a soccer showdown until sunset and yummy food and good times into the evening!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Don’t forget to write your New Year’s resolutions down 😉