wkf 2008, tokyo

Well, it certainly has been a long time between updates, and management sincerely apologises for this!
I see that you have been checking out blog out for the past month, waiting for change, and seeing none… So get ready for an onslaught of news.

The 19th WKF Senior World Karate Championships were held in Tokyo in November, and 4 members of our club participated in this event. On the weekend before we left to go overseas, the National Executive took the whole National Team out for dinner. An historical event, since it was the first time that that had ever taken place in the history of the Australian Karate Federation.
The captain of the team was also announced at the dinner, and as it turns out… The captain of the Australian National Team for 2008 is Mr. Fotios Barounis.

Foti was very proud to be the captain of this team and his leadership and support in and out of the competition arena proved his captaincy to be well deserved.

The competitors selected to compete in Tokyo from Miyagi Kan were:

Tui Nolan (Men’s Open)
Foti Barounis (-75kg Men’s Kumite)
Tsuneari Yahiro, and (-60kg Men’s Kumite)
Kristina Mah
(-60 female Kumte, Women’s Open Kumite, Women’s Team Kumite)

Shihan was there as National Coach, and we were surrounded for the first time with a cheer squad – Sensei Chris Bishop, Frank, Eleni and Con joined us over the 4 days of competition and were a great support to us over there.

All of the competitors gave it their all, but unfortunately, for another year, the podium has eluded us. We seem so close now, and you have to wonder what’s holding us back! For now it’s back to the drawing boards but all in all we had a wonderful time and experience in Tokyo.
The final results are:
– Tsuneari Yahiro: 2nd Round defeat (Canada)
– Tui Nolan: 2nd Round defeat
– Foti Barounis: 2nd round defeat (Serbia)
– Kristina Mah: 3rd round defeat (Serbia) [-60kg], 2nd round defeat by hantei (Mexico) [open], 1st round defeat (Canada) [women’s team]

The results do not reflect the voracity of the athletes on the day, and while the next world championships is still 2 years away, it is not far off to say that these competitors will be a driving force within the Australian karate scene and abroad in 2009.

national coaches with executive

National Team

opening ceremony