The Australian Karate Open Championships was held in Melbourne in April 17-19.

Team Miyagi Kan consisted of:
Coaches: Shihan Barounis, Richard Morgan, Dean Marshall
Referees: Glenn Goodwin, Mohammed Rajab, Con Papanikolou
Children: TK Nolan, Dean Morgan, Shawn Sivewright
Cadets (14/15 years): Omar Nourredine, Natasha Wood, Eugene Orlov, Ben Morgan, Ihaka Nolan
Juniors (16/17 years): Affif Nourredine, Dan Kanazawa, Arika Kanazawa, Bilan Shanin, Reece Prior
Seniors & Veterans: Seira Yahiro, Shaneel Chand, Matt Tickle, Tsuneari Yahiro, Kristina Mah, Frank Katholos, Foti Barounis, Richard Flemming, John Calcara, Tim Prior
Supporters (yay!): Maria, Lila, Zina, Allek, Zee, Imelda, Sensei Chris, Gaye, Andrew

Everyone gave everything they had, and we had some great results… The first day was for the Kyu Grades, some of the the kids and the veterans. On Saturday the rest of the kids, cadets and juniors hit it out beside the seniors. And on Sunday the finals and prestigious team events were held at another venue. All the results of our club will be posted as soon as we have collected all of them.

Here are some shots (courtesy of Richard Flemming) until we get all the results in to publish!

Men's U21, +78kg, podium (starring Matt Tickle)

Men's Team Kumite

Women's Team Kumite

Here is the promo video that Maria Grazia of made for the competition. I hope this is an omen for more exciting things to come for Karate Australia.