From the Miyagi Kan camp we are proud of all the competitors this weekend for fighting their hearts out. We had a smaller contingent in the NSW State Team than usual, but of course, there were outstanding results and we only are only looking forward where so much more is on the edge of being achieved.
Results from the competition are as follows:

Nathan Economou: Gold (11 yrs Boys Kumite), Bronze (11-14 yrs Mixed Team Kumite)
Ihaka Nolan: Bronze (63-70kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Jonnie Economou: Gold (+70kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Eugene Orlov: Bronze (-52kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Omar Nourredine: Bronze (-52kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Arika Kanazawa: Bronze (48-53kg, Junior Female Kumite)
Affif Nourredine: Silver (55-61kg, Junior Male Kumite)

Seira Yahiro: Gold (-53kg, U21 yr Female Kumite), Gold (50-55kg Senior Female Kumite) Gold (U21yr Female Kata), Bronze (Senior Female Open Kumite)
Shaneel Chand: Silver (68-74kg Senior Male Kumite), Silver (65-70kg U21yr Male Kumite)
Tsuneari Yahiro: Gold (Senior Male Open Kumite)
Kristina Mah: Gold (55-61kg Senior Female Kumite), Silver (Senior Female Kata)
Matt Tickle: Silver (+84kg Senior Male Kumite)
Richard Flemming: Bronze (Men’s Veteran Kumite)

Senior Female Team Kumite (Seira Yahiro, Kristina Mah, Olivia Hale): GOLD
Senior Male Team Kumite (Georgi Georgieff, Matt Tickle, Todd Usher, Tsuneari Yahiro, Shaneel Chand): GOLD

The Junior National Team was announced this weekend at “The Dome” in Adelaide. Seira Yahiro was given the awesome responsibility of captaining the team that will compete at the Cadet and Junior WKF Championships in Rabat, Morocco in November later this year.
The Miyagi Kan contingent will consist of:
Seira Yahiro (-53kg under 21yr female kumite)
Shaneel Chand (-70kg under 21yr male kumte)
Arika Kanazawa (-51kg Junior female kumite)
and Shihan George Barounis as coach.
For the people who missed out on selection for this competition, just remember that you will only be stronger, hungrier, and smarter for the next round of National Team Selections. You will have your time and you should continue to work to achieve your goals.

The team for the Copenhagen Open was also re-announced. From Miyagi Kan, there will be:
Shaneel Chand (-74kg Senior male kumite)
Kristina Mah (55-61kg Senior female kumite)
Matt Tickle (+84kg Senior male kumite)
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be attending this event and it could be pivotal for the future of karate in the Olympic Games.

(Thank you Petar Georgieff for some of these photos! You are a very reliable documentor!)