It’s nice to see sports karate embracing technology as country federations and the World Karate Federation itself launch “Karate TV”

or this, the FFKAMA TV site:

This new medium is a fantastic way of making the competitions accessible to the whole world – no longer having to fiddle around with keyword searches in youtube – and all of the content you want is already on the channel. The only downside to the WKFTV site is that there seems to be a small charge that users have to pay to access the competition videos. But this fee is significantly lower than buying the dvd – depends on how much bandwidth you have at your place I suppose!

The French Karate Federation TV site is free access at the moment though, and while it focuses on their national team and local competitions in France, they may expand to international competitions if the popularity of continues to grow. One of the features that the FFKAMATV site is that it has ‘featurettes’ that star the national junior and senior team – with interviews and footage of training, and more of documentary style to the videos that it shows. I assume, because the FFKAMA is the governing body for karate and other martial arts in France, their webTV tries to include all the projects that the federation are involved with and to reach a broader audience. I think this is great way to market the federation and to showcase the talent of their national team members, making their personalities more of an inspiration to the next generation of karate-ka who one day hope to represent their country at the World Championships.

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WKF TV production
Friday, 29 January 2010 10:57

The WKF will perform its own TV production for the upcoming 20th World Senior Championships that will be celebrated in Belgrade next October 27th to the 31st.
We will continue to provide the International TV signal via satellite, live, of all the final events on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st in morning and afternoon sessions.
Separately, the WKF has contracted the International distribution of TV rights with SIMPLY SPORT, which through its Director, Javier Tola, will exclusively manage all which concerns this matter.