(Photographer: Petar Georgieff)

Australian Team Announcements…

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all the competitors of Miyagi Kan and Friends who have been selected to represent Australia at the Oceania Championships in Tahiti (September), The Copenhagen Open (October) and the World Combat Games (July).

Nathan Economou (Oceania)
Jonnie Economou (Oceania)
Arika Kanakzawa (Oceania)
Dan Kanazawa (Oceania)
Eugene Orlov (Oceania/ Copenhagen)
Angel Georgieff (Oceania/ Copenhagen)
Alexander Georgieff (Oceania)
Georgi Georgieff (Oceania/ Copenhagen)
Michael Eldred (Oceania/ Copehagen)
Ihaka Nolan (Oceania)
Tsuneari Yahiro (World Combat Games)

More news from the camp will be posted soon.