Congratulations to all the competitors for their results over the weekend in Sydney!

Miyagi Kan (and friends) results will be added to this post asap.

But here is a .pdf of a list of the FULL Results of the 2010 WesTrac National Karate Championships

(Thanks to Petar Georgieff for his photos)


President’s Cup Men’s Team, Iran (September)
This an all male competition and Australia is sending 5 competitors to compete in individual and team kumite events.
Tsuneari Yahiro (-60kg male kumite)
Shannon Barton (-67kg male kumite)
Serge Mykhaylenko (-67kg male kumite)
Leon Romary (-75kg male kumite)
Tommy Hallam (-75kg male kumite)

WKF World Championships Team, Serbia (October)
Tsuneari Yahiro (-60kg male kumite)
Kristina Mah (-61kg female kumite)
Leon Romary (-75kg male kumite)
Jessica Bratich (-68kg female kumite)
James Giuliano (male kata)