From May 19 – 21, the AKF held the annual National Training Camp in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport. Despite the wind chill, there was great morale, and high spirits throughout the weekend. Coming off the bat of the Australian Open and the USA Open in April, the team was closer and motivated to work hard given the rare chance to train together as a National Squad without the pressures of competition.

There wasn’t much time for rest, short breaks in between sessions and all of us fell nicely into a routine of training, eating, plunge-pooling, sleeping… and repeat!

Altogether a successful weekend in that everyone seemed exhausted, but happy and more determined.

Miyagi Kan athletes and friends from NSW who participated were:
– Tsuneari Yahiro
– Matt Tickle
– Kristina Mah
– Eugene Orlov
– Jonnie Economou
– Olivia Hale
– Georgi Georgieff
– Angel Georgieff

– Con Papanikolaou
– Mohamed Rajab — finally ,a reason to spend the weekend in Canberra!! Haha!

The next AIS camp (Talent Identification), will be held in June from the 16th – 19th. Good luck and have fun to everyone who will be involved!

From Miyagi Kan:
– Shawn Sivewright
– Nathan Economou
– Alexander Georgieff