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MANY THANKS to Hani Zahra for organising this special TV spot on 1HD. It was lots of fun and great to be part of!
The athletes involved were: Tsuneari Yahiro, Seira Yahiro, Kristina Mah, Georgi Georgieff, Angel Georgieff, Alexander Georgieff, Olivia Hale, John Georgas, Bianca Gallo, Alexandra Gallo, Eugenio Gallo.
(Clips from the show can be streamed on their website, if you search for the date of the show.)

Reportage by Petar Georgieff


The students of Saturday Morning Class had a competition to create and perform their own kata. The winners were chosen by the class themselves in a secret vote. The winners get to have their kata posted on Miyaginess Online 🙂

(equal) 1st place – Affif and Sebastian
2nd place – Omar
3rd place – Julie

Kata Creations 2009 – Sebastian

Kata Creations 2009 – Affif

bbq @ andrea’s 30 sept 2007

For the last two weeks, the juniors have been exercising their creativity in “Kata Creations”. They invented their own katas consisting of 10-16 moves. Original names for the kata were of course also invented, such as Gekki Sai San, Super Gekki Sei, Pink-Yellow-Cinderella, Fish n Chips, Jellybeans, Sour Crout and more…

Here is the winner of this week’s Kata Creations as voted by the class:

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