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Welcome back to Miyaginess.. after a 6 month hiatus from the internet… 2012 promises to be one of extreme emotional highs – with dreams and determination driving Australian athletes ever forward. The travel-heavy program released by the AKF ensures this. With one of the Karate 1 events already done and dusted in Paris, mid-January, there is a sense of excitement in the Australian karate community as February starts. The Sydney International on the 18th and 19th marks the start of the competition calendar and many athletes and coaches are interested to see what the competition will bring.

Some notes for the coming weeks are:
National Squad Registration is due to be submitted and paid for by January 31. If this hasn’t been done – get onto it! The late fee is not pretty!

– Registration for the Sydney International is Due

– The first National squad training session is on 11 February, 9-11am at Revesby.

– The first NSW state training is on Sunday 12 February

– The NSW State team picnic is on Sunday 26 February


From May 19 – 21, the AKF held the annual National Training Camp in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport. Despite the wind chill, there was great morale, and high spirits throughout the weekend. Coming off the bat of the Australian Open and the USA Open in April, the team was closer and motivated to work hard given the rare chance to train together as a National Squad without the pressures of competition.

There wasn’t much time for rest, short breaks in between sessions and all of us fell nicely into a routine of training, eating, plunge-pooling, sleeping… and repeat!

Altogether a successful weekend in that everyone seemed exhausted, but happy and more determined.

Miyagi Kan athletes and friends from NSW who participated were:
– Tsuneari Yahiro
– Matt Tickle
– Kristina Mah
– Eugene Orlov
– Jonnie Economou
– Olivia Hale
– Georgi Georgieff
– Angel Georgieff

– Con Papanikolaou
– Mohamed Rajab — finally ,a reason to spend the weekend in Canberra!! Haha!

The next AIS camp (Talent Identification), will be held in June from the 16th – 19th. Good luck and have fun to everyone who will be involved!

From Miyagi Kan:
– Shawn Sivewright
– Nathan Economou
– Alexander Georgieff

What a great night!
Elvis, conga train, food, drinks, good company. The awards dinner celebrated it’s 13th year (not to be complete without singing Mohamed, Happy Birthday!). All the attendees looked like they had very festive night, and the strength and unity of the NSW State Team is better than it has ever been.

Congratulations to Miyagi Kan students who won ‘Sport Star of the Year’ awards on the night:
Children Male Kumite – Dillon Zdrafkoski
Junior Male Kumite – Dan Kanazawa
Under 21 Female Kumite – Arika Kanazawa
Senior Male Kumite – Tsuneari Yahiro
Senior Female Kumite – Kristina Mah
Best Referee – Mohamed Rajab
With special awards going to Shihan George Barounis and Kristina Mah for their efforts in Belgrade last year.

A short video of the highlights from the 2010 World Karate Championships was shown on the night. The video was put together by Anthony Ryan and studio photography by Greg Divine. Enjoy!

Thanks for the photo documentation of the night, Petar Georgieff

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Thank you for the support you have shown for the kumite workshops so far, I’ve had a great time and looking forward for more to come!

PDK Dojo, Seven Hills, NSW

Miyagi Kan Go-Ju Ryu Karate-do, Whangerei Dojo, New Zealand
(photos coming soon)

Miyagi Kan Go-Ju Ryu Karate-do, Lismore Dojo and Success Martial Arts, Lismore, NSW
(photos coming soon)

Shindo Karate-do, Bacchus Marsh, VIC

Shito-Ryu Karate-Do International Shuyoukan, Melbourne, VIC

Hawkesbury Martial Arts, Richmond, NSW
(photos coming soon)

Evolution Martial Arts, West Pennant Hills, NSW

The following summary has been taken from our friends who write the “(Unofficial) NSW-AKF Newsletter/ World Championship Issue/ 24 – 5 Nov 2010”.
Check out their website… so pro!
p.s. Team photos from the Championship will be uploaded ASAP!

The Championship
875 Competitors 88 Countries, with each country only allowed to select one competitor per division, only the best of the best.

James Giuliano -Kata Individual Male
The Individual Kata category had 54 competitors. James was on the same side of the draw as Minh Dack and Luca Valdesi. A great opportunity to compete.
He was up 3rd – Ao with Sei/Chin against the USA’s William Bradford (Bas Dai). Unfortunately the flags went against him and 2 rounds later Bradford lost to Minh Dack of France and thus no repercharge. The final results were
1 Antonio Diaz (VEN)
2 Luca Valdesi (ITA)
3 Itaru Oki (JPN)
3 Akio Tamashiro (PER)

Jessica Bratich- Kumite Female -68kg
43 competitors – up against Tunisia in the 1st fight of the division. Unfortunately Jessica lost 3-0 and the Tunisian lost the next round to Netherlands.

Alysha Dew- Kumite Female -55 kg
53 Competitors – Alysha had a bye first round and had to wait for her first fight against Algeria, which she lost 1-0. The Algerian won her next fight but then lost to the Japanese (eventual winner).

Tsuneari Yahiro- Kumite Male -60 kg
Another big division 58 Competitors – Tsuneari also had a bye first round and had to wait for his first fight against Russia. He had a narrow loss 1-0. The Russian lost the next round.

Kristina Mah- Kumite Female -61 kg
49 fighters. Kristina was at the bottom of the draw with a bye in the 1st round. a really long wait to fight the Mexican who had beaten the Turkish competitor. After beating her 1-0 She came up against Japan. 3-2 later she was in the 4th round against Canada. She won this fight 4-1 and then to go through to the final beat England 4-1. Australia now had a finalist in a WKF world Championship for the first time since 1996. We would have to wait 2 days for the finals where she would face the French Champion who had beaten Elisa Au, the USA world Champion to get to the final. Kristina went on to win 1-0 and become Australia’s first World Champion since 1992.

To view more videos from the WKF World Karate Championships, click on the image below of the Channel.

Thank you to “The WKF FAN for his videos on youtube!

3rd Round – Y.Miyamoto (JAP) v K.Mah (AUS)

Semi-Final – N.Williams (ENG) v K.Mah (AUS)

Final – L.Dona(FRA) v K.Mah (AUS)
(warning, be prepared for French screaming in the background!)

MANY THANKS to Hani Zahra for organising this special TV spot on 1HD. It was lots of fun and great to be part of!
The athletes involved were: Tsuneari Yahiro, Seira Yahiro, Kristina Mah, Georgi Georgieff, Angel Georgieff, Alexander Georgieff, Olivia Hale, John Georgas, Bianca Gallo, Alexandra Gallo, Eugenio Gallo.
(Clips from the show can be streamed on their website, if you search for the date of the show.)

Reportage by Petar Georgieff

Miyagi Kan Roma was the first member club of I.K.O (International Karate Organisation) to be established in the Western world. With the 9th Dan head instructor, Maestro Evangelista at its helm, there is a wonderful ambiance and mixture of traditional karate practice as well as sports karate links. Shihan Barounis and Sensei Evangelista trained together in Japan almost 35 years ago, and have remained close friends despite the geographical distance of their dojos. They were able to see each other for the first time at Sensei Yamamoto’s 10th Dan Celebration in Tokyo, earlier this year. This was the first time in 25 years since their last meeting.

I first made contact with the Roman club through one of the Senseis, 5th Dan, Guglielmo Serafini, almost by chance on our club’s facebook page of Miyagi Kan Australia. When the opportunity suddenly came up for me to visit Rome, I could not pass through the city without at least trying to meet up with Guglielmo, Sensei Evangelista and train with the club.

I was picked up by scooter from Roma Termini and we took a crazy ride through the city, past the Vatican and up the hill overlooking Rome and finally going past the city limits and into the suburbs where I was to meet for the first time, Sensei Alberto Evangelista and others from the Miyagi Kan family for the first time. Since my visit was on the 1st July, this also happened to be the first official day of European summer, so classes had already broken up for the holidays. Fortunately, a class was organised due to my visit and I couldn’t have been happier to attend! It was a great pleasure to train and practice with the others who were there. The only way to describe my feelings from the training session and visit, was like meeting family for the first time. We had never met, but the lineage of our knowledge was obvious.

I hope that this year marks a significant reunion of our two clubs and the start of a closer relationship with our Italian friends.

Thank you to my new friends from the Miyagi Kan dojo in Rome – Sensei Alberto Evangelista, Sensei Giovanni Rotandella, Sensei Guglielmo Serafini, Mauritizo and Fabio for making my visit so pleasant and memorable.

Join their facebook page – “Quelli della MiYAGI KAN Roma Goju Ryu”

Thank you, Peter Mcguire for the following article.

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Hanshi Yamamoto 10th dan ceremony and celebration / Tokyo Japan
7th Feb 2010

The following overview is from my experience of attending this event earlier in the year.

It was an honour and great privilege to attend this event and to also experience the global reach of the IKO. The ceremony can be viewed on this site and not only was it a ceremony for Hanshi Yamamoto to celebrate the ultimate achievement from a life as a Karate student spanning 58 years of diligent teaching and practice, but also for students in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to practice and learn from each other in a wonderful learning environment.
As a student of the IKO to witness and participate in this event confirms my belief in Karate being a way of life for its followers. The IKO brand spans many countries and the following students represented these countries:
• Hanshi Evangelista 9th dan (Italy)
• Hanshi Barounis 8th dan (Australia)
• Kyoshi Burdett 7th dan (Australia)
• Kyoshi Tsanidis 7th dan (Australia)
• Shihan Yeung 6th dan (Hong Kong)
• Shihan Bridge 5th dan (Australia)
• Shihan Tsanidis 5th dan (Australia)
• Jokyo McGuire 4th dan (Australia)
• Sensei Tan 2nd dan (Malaysia)

We participated in 3 practice sessions in the week prior to the ceremony and this allowed us to be critiqued by two 10th dan / Hanshi Yabe & Yamamoto, 9th dan Hanshi Tokuma, 8th dan Kyoshi Mori and 7th dan Shihan Maeda. This level of practice and teaching is unheard of in any style and this is definitely one of the core beliefs of the IKO that students of any age and rank are forever students and that they will always strive for constant improvement.
The achievements of Hanshi Yamamoto are legendary and his energy and commitment are remarkable for a “young man” of 73 years. We have all heard stories of his Kumite skills and also those of Hanshi Yabe who were truly the “hard men” of Goju-Ryu in their prime. We must also appreciate their ongoing building of the brand across the globe for IKO Goju-Ryu Karate and that they are true ambassadors of our style and sport.

I do sincerely hope that you also visit the Tokyo Honbu (Main dojo) sometime soon and experience the IKO Karate brand so as you to can appreciate what you belong to as a student.

Regardless of your age you will find the experience stimulating and rewarding as you will practice with IKO legends on any night of the week and their hospitality is truly very welcoming. It was wonderful to see very familiar faces who I have known for nearly 30 years including the following:
Kyoshi Mori 8th dan
Kyoshi Yatagawa 8th dan
Shihan Maeda 7th dan
Shihan Mori 6th dan
Shihan Yonaha 6th dan
Shihan Kracklauer 5th dan

And finally I would sincerely like to thank a true gentleman and wonderful global ambassador for the IKO / Shihan Oi, who without fail was the true social glue of the organisation and his passion towards the IKO is contagious.

Yours sincerely

Jokyo McGuire 4th dan

(Photographer: Petar Georgieff)

Australian Team Announcements…

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all the competitors of Miyagi Kan and Friends who have been selected to represent Australia at the Oceania Championships in Tahiti (September), The Copenhagen Open (October) and the World Combat Games (July).

Nathan Economou (Oceania)
Jonnie Economou (Oceania)
Arika Kanakzawa (Oceania)
Dan Kanazawa (Oceania)
Eugene Orlov (Oceania/ Copenhagen)
Angel Georgieff (Oceania/ Copenhagen)
Alexander Georgieff (Oceania)
Georgi Georgieff (Oceania/ Copenhagen)
Michael Eldred (Oceania/ Copehagen)
Ihaka Nolan (Oceania)
Tsuneari Yahiro (World Combat Games)

More news from the camp will be posted soon.

Hanshi Yamamoto was awarded his 10th Dan at a ceremony in Tokyo this weekend. Hanshi George Barounis left Sydney on the 2nd of February to attend the ceremony and give a speech to congratulate his instructor. The two instructors have known each other for over 30 years when Hanshi Barounis first went to the dojo in Akihabara, Tokyo to train with Yamamoto in 1975. Since then several students from Miyagi Kan dojos around Sydney have made the trip to visit the dojo in Tokyo to train with Yamamoto and Yabe and make somewhat of a pilgrimage to the historic site.
Shihan will return on Wednesday 10th February.

Hanshi Yamamoto & Hanshi Barounis at dinner in Akihabara, photo taken in November, 2008

A reminder to those interested in trying out for the National team or those wanting to train with the National Squad that registration forms need to be sent to the AKF office by next Friday 12 February 2010.

Training sessions are scheduled once a month, with one of the national coaches, that will take place at the Revesby dojo (for NSW athletes).

To find the forms, go to The AKF BULLETIN BOARD

You will also be able to download the 2010 AKF Calendar from there.

It’s nice to see sports karate embracing technology as country federations and the World Karate Federation itself launch “Karate TV”

or this, the FFKAMA TV site:

This new medium is a fantastic way of making the competitions accessible to the whole world – no longer having to fiddle around with keyword searches in youtube – and all of the content you want is already on the channel. The only downside to the WKFTV site is that there seems to be a small charge that users have to pay to access the competition videos. But this fee is significantly lower than buying the dvd – depends on how much bandwidth you have at your place I suppose!

The French Karate Federation TV site is free access at the moment though, and while it focuses on their national team and local competitions in France, they may expand to international competitions if the popularity of continues to grow. One of the features that the FFKAMATV site is that it has ‘featurettes’ that star the national junior and senior team – with interviews and footage of training, and more of documentary style to the videos that it shows. I assume, because the FFKAMA is the governing body for karate and other martial arts in France, their webTV tries to include all the projects that the federation are involved with and to reach a broader audience. I think this is great way to market the federation and to showcase the talent of their national team members, making their personalities more of an inspiration to the next generation of karate-ka who one day hope to represent their country at the World Championships.

This is the most recent post of re: karate TV
WKF TV production
Friday, 29 January 2010 10:57

The WKF will perform its own TV production for the upcoming 20th World Senior Championships that will be celebrated in Belgrade next October 27th to the 31st.
We will continue to provide the International TV signal via satellite, live, of all the final events on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st in morning and afternoon sessions.
Separately, the WKF has contracted the International distribution of TV rights with SIMPLY SPORT, which through its Director, Javier Tola, will exclusively manage all which concerns this matter.

Presented by…
28TH – 30th August 2009

The tournament will is open to children to adult divisions:
Children (6-15yrs) $40.00
Juniors (16 & 17 years old) $45.00
Seniors (18 years and over) $50.00
International Competitors $40.00
Team Kata $15.00 per team
Team Kumite 3×3 14-17yrs $15.00 per team
Team Kumite 3×3 Senior Male and Female $45.00 per team
Prize Money for Selected Senior Male and Female divisions

Held by 3 well Known International Instructors including former WKF Champion and Japanese National Coach “NISHIMURA SENSEI”
Friday 28th August 5:30 – 6:30pm Kumite 6:45 – 7:45pm Kumite 8:00 – 9:00pm kumite

August Sugihara Cup Dinner and After Function
Buffet Dinner and dance featuring video footage of the day’s events. Dinner starts 6.30pm at Gengy’s Mongolian Buffet.
Children 4-12 years old $15 13 – 17yrs $25 18yrs + $30
Entry forms must be submitted before 12th August 2009
For more info and entry forms.. go to: