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Abdul Zahra receives his National Kumite Judge ‘A’.

This was an outstanding achievement given it was Abdul’s first attempt at a National event. Abdul was assessed over (3) gruelling days of high level competition at the Australian Open held in Melbourne by the National Referees Council – NRC (all WKF Referees) and was awarded his National kumite Judge ‘A’.

On behalf of the NSW Referees Council and Miyagikan (Abdul’s extended family) Congratulations!!

Photo L – R Mohamed Rajab, Glenn Goodwin, Abdul Zahra, Con Papanikoloau


Men’s Team GOLD! (Foti, Tsuneari, Matt, Michael, Dan & Affif)

TOP ROW (left to right): Michael: 1x Silver (U21 -75), Matt Tickle: 1x Gold (+84kg), 1x Silver (Open), Tsuneari: 2x Gold (-67kg, Open), Foti: Super coach, Jonnie: 1x Silver (Junior +76), Nay Nay: 1x Gold (Kids +57kg), Affif: 1x Silver (-60kg), Charmaine: 2x Gold (Kyu Kata, Kyu +60kg), Big Mo: Awesomeness Award
BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Arika: 1x Gold (U21 -60kg), 1x Bronze (-61kg), Seira: 1x Gold (-55kg), 1x Silver (U21 -53kg), Kristina: 2x Gold (-61, Open), 1x Bronze (Kata), Alak: Cheeky monkey, Shihan: Super-duper coach, Dean: Super coach, Shawn: 2x Bronze (Cadet -57kg, Cadet Open), Nicole: Little Ninja, Omar: Killer Kataman, Dan: 1x Silver (U21 -67kg)

Women’s Team Silver (Seira, Arika & Kristina)


The German Open took place in the middle of Germany in a small town called Erfurt in mid-September.
Kristina Mah got through the first round easily with a 3-0 victory. In the second, she fought Austrian, Alisa Buchinger, and unfortunately wasn’t able to get passed her, conceding defeat, the full time score was 1-3. Buchinger made it through to the finals, allowing Kristina to fight competitors from the Netherlands and Italy to win the Bronze.

The final results were:
Kumite Damen -61 kg
1- Buchinger Alisa, Österreichischer Karatebund, AUSTRIA
2-Kornfeld Noemi, SKF Nationalteam ZH, SWITZERLAND
3-Kaup Stefanie, Österreichischer Karatebund, AUSTRIA
3-Mah Kristina, Miyagi Kan, AUSTRALIA
5-Gabrich Claudia, SEI WA KAI Team, GERMANY
7-Imdat Tülay, Sportstudio Dietzenbach HES, GERMANY
7-Berrouba Bahija, KaratedoBondNederland, NETHERLANDS

CONGRATULATIONS!! to Con Papanikolaou and Mohamed Rajab who successfully passed to the level of Oceania Judge A at the recent Oceania Championships at Tahiti.
What a place to do an accreditation!
WKF here they come!!

Thanks Glenn Goodwin for the photos.


Bronze Medalist in -60kg Men’s Kumite at the Inaugural World Combat Games in Beijing, China.

Tsuneari is the first Australian Senior Men’s karate competitor to step onto the podium at a WKF World Karate Event in 13 years.

Come along to watch and support the our club and the NSW karate team!

Venue: Whitlam Leisure Centre Memorial Avenue, Liverpool, Sydney NSW
Starting time: 8am everyday
A brief overview of the events are:
– Children and Cadets (14-15yrs) Kata and Kumite
– Senior Kata
– Junior (16-17yrs) Kata and Kumite
– Children, Cadet & Junior Team Kumite
– Senior Individual Kumite Eliminations
– Senior Individual Kata and Kumite FINALS
– Senior Kumite Open (Elimination and Finals)
– Senior Team Kumite

Click the link to download a .pdf of a complete schedule of events for the weekend:

GOOD LUCK to all the competitors!!

Seira Yahiro (Under 21 Female -53kg)
Round 1 : AUS v Slovakia 1-0 WIN
Round 2 : AUS v Canada 2-0 WIN
Round 3: AUS v Japan 0-2 LOSS
Repecharge 1: Scotland v England 1-0
Repecharge 2: AUS v Scotland 0-2 LOSS

Shaneel Chand (Under 21 Male -78kg)
Round 1: AUS v Slovakia 0-0 [Loss by decision]
No Repecharge

Arika Kanazawa (Junior Female -53kg)
Round 1: BYE
Round 2: AUS v Norway 4-0 WIN
Round 3: AUS v England 2-1 WIN
Round 4: AUS v Bosnia Herzegovina 0-1 LOSS
No Repecharge

Georgi Georgieff (Under 21 Male +78kg)
Round 1: AUS v Turkey 1-9 LOSS
No Repecharge

Michael Pearn (Under 21 Male -68kg)
Round 1: AUS v Palestine 6-0 WIN
Round 2: AUS v Mexico 0-1 LOSS
No Repecharge

Aaron McMahon (Junior Male -76kg)
Round 1: BYE
Round 2: AUS v Turkey 0-2 LOSS
No Repecharge

Amber Wilson (VIC) (Under 21 Female +60kg)
Round 1: BYE
Round 2: AUS v Slovakia 0-1 LOSS
No Repecharge

Samantha Simion (VIC) (Junior female Kata)
Round 1: BYE
Round 2: AUS v Serbia WIN
Round 3: AUS v China WIN
Round 4: AUS v Peru LOSS
No Repecharge

Rafe Wilson (VIC) (Junior Male Kata)
Round 1: AUS v USA LOSS
No Repecharge

Final Australian Medal Tally:
Kristina MAH – Gold (55-61kg female kumite)
Tommy HALLAM (QLD) – Bronze (70-75kg male kumite)
Megan EDWARDS (WA) – Bronze (+59kg 16-17years female kumite)

What a packed 7 days we had! After landing on Tuesday morning at 7AM after a over 24 hours of travelling… we went straight to the hotel to meet the rest of the team for training at 10AM! The team trained in a small dojo about 15 minutes away from our hotel. Everyone was in high spirits from the get go and this team spirit was built upon as the week progressed.

There were quite a few of us from the Aussie contingent including the President of the Australian Karate Federation, Sensei Michael Kassis, the coaches: Shihan Barounis, Marco Mezzanti from Melbourne, and Stephen Kelly from Brisbane; referees: Jeanette Lynch from Perth, Con Papanikolaou, and Peter Szalsy, also from Perth, and the team manager, Hani Zahra. As well as this, there were our appointed cheer quad of parents and family and of course the team. So a sizeable group who were all looking good, fresh and ready for the competition on the weekend.

The team met twice a day for training and stretching sessions and also for dinner. All this ‘bonding’ time definitely brought everyone closer together as everyone got to know others who they hadn’t previously talked to much at competitions. It was really nice to have everyone together so often and I’m sure the team would agree that this played a big part in building our morale for the weekend ahead.

The competition took place over 2 days, with all the kata events on Saturday as well as some of the Cadets and senior team Kumite events. The kata team were quite successful with John Georgas narrowly missing out on the bronze medal in the Cadet Boys kata, and Rhys Scott, Maki Kamada, Renee Caruso and Sarah Cayed all easily getting through their first rounds.

Unfortunately, none of our teams made it through to medal rounds. Both men’s teams losing in the first round, and the women’s team defeated in the 2nd round.

On Sunday, the rest of the team competed in their individual events.

Shaneel CHAND:
Shaneel fought Denmark first. He managed to come back with a sensational mawashi-geri to the head to equalise at 4-4 with him, although lost several points from penalties in the last 30 seconds and was not able to make another come back as the time ticked down. The final score was 4-7.

Kristina MAH: Kristina fought Germany first, easily getting through this round, 5-0. She then fought Denmark, and came out with another win, 4-0. The semi finals was against the Colombian, Lina Marcela Gomez, this was a tough fight, and Kristina pulled off a win of 6-2 to save her a spot for the finals later that day. In the finals, she fought the Croatian, and held out to take out the division with a 3-1 victory.

Matt TICKLE: Matt drew 2 all in his first fight against the Chilean in the Men’s Team event. Unfortunately though, his team lost their round on a count back. In his individual event, he had a BYE in his first round. He went into the second round eager for a fight, and easily defeated the Danish competitor 4 – 0 . In the 3rd round, Matt fought Hungary. The fight was close and even after the extended time, the score remained locked at 0-0. He lost by a flag decision.

The trip was incredibly fun and everyone had an amazing time with great memories to take away from it, as was predicted. With the Junior World Championships on the horizon, there wasn’t much time for celebration (even though the team managed to get through the night with some celebration ;)). After a hearty team dinner at our favourite restaurant in Copenhagen, Wagamama, some kicked on in the lobby of the hotel singing songs, and some even performed kata on the city streets, everything met with a lot of laughter and all in all a great note to end the week on.

It was a great trip, even though in some parts quite exhausting, new friendships were formed and old ones reinforced not only with the outstanding unity of the Aussie Team, but also on the international stage, as even the coaches and referees mentioned, the comments from other teams’ coaches and refs about our team spirit throughout the competition.

So now… it’s all eyes on Morocco…

Some news that was reported over the weekend was that Shaneel Chand won a Silver Medal in his division, 70-75kg male kumite in the Sugihara Cup at Auckland.
He fought a competitor from Turkey in the finals, with the final score, 2-6.

From the Miyagi Kan camp we are proud of all the competitors this weekend for fighting their hearts out. We had a smaller contingent in the NSW State Team than usual, but of course, there were outstanding results and we only are only looking forward where so much more is on the edge of being achieved.
Results from the competition are as follows:

Nathan Economou: Gold (11 yrs Boys Kumite), Bronze (11-14 yrs Mixed Team Kumite)
Ihaka Nolan: Bronze (63-70kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Jonnie Economou: Gold (+70kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Eugene Orlov: Bronze (-52kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Omar Nourredine: Bronze (-52kg, Cadet Male Kumite)
Arika Kanazawa: Bronze (48-53kg, Junior Female Kumite)
Affif Nourredine: Silver (55-61kg, Junior Male Kumite)

Seira Yahiro: Gold (-53kg, U21 yr Female Kumite), Gold (50-55kg Senior Female Kumite) Gold (U21yr Female Kata), Bronze (Senior Female Open Kumite)
Shaneel Chand: Silver (68-74kg Senior Male Kumite), Silver (65-70kg U21yr Male Kumite)
Tsuneari Yahiro: Gold (Senior Male Open Kumite)
Kristina Mah: Gold (55-61kg Senior Female Kumite), Silver (Senior Female Kata)
Matt Tickle: Silver (+84kg Senior Male Kumite)
Richard Flemming: Bronze (Men’s Veteran Kumite)

Senior Female Team Kumite (Seira Yahiro, Kristina Mah, Olivia Hale): GOLD
Senior Male Team Kumite (Georgi Georgieff, Matt Tickle, Todd Usher, Tsuneari Yahiro, Shaneel Chand): GOLD

The Junior National Team was announced this weekend at “The Dome” in Adelaide. Seira Yahiro was given the awesome responsibility of captaining the team that will compete at the Cadet and Junior WKF Championships in Rabat, Morocco in November later this year.
The Miyagi Kan contingent will consist of:
Seira Yahiro (-53kg under 21yr female kumite)
Shaneel Chand (-70kg under 21yr male kumte)
Arika Kanazawa (-51kg Junior female kumite)
and Shihan George Barounis as coach.
For the people who missed out on selection for this competition, just remember that you will only be stronger, hungrier, and smarter for the next round of National Team Selections. You will have your time and you should continue to work to achieve your goals.

The team for the Copenhagen Open was also re-announced. From Miyagi Kan, there will be:
Shaneel Chand (-74kg Senior male kumite)
Kristina Mah (55-61kg Senior female kumite)
Matt Tickle (+84kg Senior male kumite)
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be attending this event and it could be pivotal for the future of karate in the Olympic Games.

(Thank you Petar Georgieff for some of these photos! You are a very reliable documentor!)

Thanks to Alex & Eugene Orlov for the photos!

The Australian Karate Open Championships was held in Melbourne in April 17-19.

Team Miyagi Kan consisted of:
Coaches: Shihan Barounis, Richard Morgan, Dean Marshall
Referees: Glenn Goodwin, Mohammed Rajab, Con Papanikolou
Children: TK Nolan, Dean Morgan, Shawn Sivewright
Cadets (14/15 years): Omar Nourredine, Natasha Wood, Eugene Orlov, Ben Morgan, Ihaka Nolan
Juniors (16/17 years): Affif Nourredine, Dan Kanazawa, Arika Kanazawa, Bilan Shanin, Reece Prior
Seniors & Veterans: Seira Yahiro, Shaneel Chand, Matt Tickle, Tsuneari Yahiro, Kristina Mah, Frank Katholos, Foti Barounis, Richard Flemming, John Calcara, Tim Prior
Supporters (yay!): Maria, Lila, Zina, Allek, Zee, Imelda, Sensei Chris, Gaye, Andrew

Everyone gave everything they had, and we had some great results… The first day was for the Kyu Grades, some of the the kids and the veterans. On Saturday the rest of the kids, cadets and juniors hit it out beside the seniors. And on Sunday the finals and prestigious team events were held at another venue. All the results of our club will be posted as soon as we have collected all of them.

Here are some shots (courtesy of Richard Flemming) until we get all the results in to publish!

Men's U21, +78kg, podium (starring Matt Tickle)

Men's Team Kumite

Women's Team Kumite

Here is the promo video that Maria Grazia of made for the competition. I hope this is an omen for more exciting things to come for Karate Australia.

wkf 2008, tokyo

Well, it certainly has been a long time between updates, and management sincerely apologises for this!
I see that you have been checking out blog out for the past month, waiting for change, and seeing none… So get ready for an onslaught of news.

The 19th WKF Senior World Karate Championships were held in Tokyo in November, and 4 members of our club participated in this event. On the weekend before we left to go overseas, the National Executive took the whole National Team out for dinner. An historical event, since it was the first time that that had ever taken place in the history of the Australian Karate Federation.
The captain of the team was also announced at the dinner, and as it turns out… The captain of the Australian National Team for 2008 is Mr. Fotios Barounis.

Foti was very proud to be the captain of this team and his leadership and support in and out of the competition arena proved his captaincy to be well deserved.

The competitors selected to compete in Tokyo from Miyagi Kan were:

Tui Nolan (Men’s Open)
Foti Barounis (-75kg Men’s Kumite)
Tsuneari Yahiro, and (-60kg Men’s Kumite)
Kristina Mah
(-60 female Kumte, Women’s Open Kumite, Women’s Team Kumite)

Shihan was there as National Coach, and we were surrounded for the first time with a cheer squad – Sensei Chris Bishop, Frank, Eleni and Con joined us over the 4 days of competition and were a great support to us over there.

All of the competitors gave it their all, but unfortunately, for another year, the podium has eluded us. We seem so close now, and you have to wonder what’s holding us back! For now it’s back to the drawing boards but all in all we had a wonderful time and experience in Tokyo.
The final results are:
– Tsuneari Yahiro: 2nd Round defeat (Canada)
– Tui Nolan: 2nd Round defeat
– Foti Barounis: 2nd round defeat (Serbia)
– Kristina Mah: 3rd round defeat (Serbia) [-60kg], 2nd round defeat by hantei (Mexico) [open], 1st round defeat (Canada) [women’s team]

The results do not reflect the voracity of the athletes on the day, and while the next world championships is still 2 years away, it is not far off to say that these competitors will be a driving force within the Australian karate scene and abroad in 2009.

national coaches with executive

National Team

opening ceremony

Well done to Sensei Craig Nordstrand the NZ crew for their results at the New Zealand National Karate Championships and also to the boys who were selected for the National Team.

The participants from Miyagi Kan did an awesome job at the NZ National Karate Championships. Miyagi Kan contingent at NZ Nationals included: Thomas MACKIE, Shane TREGIDGA, Cody ROUSE, Vincent ROBSON, Sophia HOTO, Anzac TIPENE, Arnav SHETTY, Asher LAFAELE-EDWARDS.

The Miyagi Kan Medal Tally from the the NZ National Championships stands as follows!


7 Silver

3 Bronze

Also, following the completion of the Championships, the NZ National Team was announced for the upcoming Oceania Championships. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Aidan Carr

  • U21 yrs Male Kata
  • Senior Men’s Team Kata
  • -75kg Senior Male Kumite

Shane Tregidga

  • 14-17 yrs Team Kata
  • -61kg Junior Male Kumite

Cody Rouse

  • Senior Men’s Team Kata
  • 14-16 yrs Male Team Kata

Thomas Mackie

  • 14-16 yrs Male Team Kata
  • -70kg Male Cadet Kumite

Vincent Robson

  • Reserve for U13yrs Boys Kumite

Great work and keep training hard!

Looking forward to meeting up in Auckland very soon!

We are proud to announce the the Miyagi Kan contingent who will represent Australia at the Oceania Championships in September this year in Auckland! Well done!

Not to be forgotten – Good Luck to the kiwis who are trying out for the New Zealand National Team! The team hasn’t been announced over there yet – but we will keep you posted 🙂

Miyagi Kan Representatives:


Michael Abullah – Cadet Male -63kg

Michael Economou – Junior Male -68kg

Waka Nolan – Junior Male +76kg

Ihaka Nolan – Boys 13yrs

Arika Kanazawa – Junior Female -53kg

Dan Kanazawa – Cadet Male

Seira Yahiro – Junior Female -59kg


Tui Nolan – Men’s -70kg Kumite

Foti Barounis – Men’s -75kg Kumite

Shaneel Chand – Men’s -70kg Kumite

Tsuneari Yahiro – Men’s -60kg Kumite

Kristina Mah – Women’s -60kg Kumite, Women’s Open

Keep in mind that for seniors on the team, the Oceania Championships is the qualification tournament for the prestigious WORLD GAMES. The World Games is held every four years for a broad spectrum of sports. For karate, a chance to compete at this compteition means that you are the representative of your region i.e. Oceania, Europe, North America, South America and Africa OR a place getter at the World Championships the year before. In 2009, the World Games will be held in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. For for info about the World Games, click here.

Medal Tally

23 Gold

10 Silver

17 Bronze

What a tremendous effort from everyone! There were standout performances from all dojos from Sydney, Lismore and New Zealand! A special mention should go to the Junior and Senior Teams…. because these wins were satisfying and brought out the best in us.

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the competitors for putting in their best performances on the weekend.

It was great to catch up with everyone and it looks like we’ll be seeing you again soon in September for the Oceania Championships.

See the Results page for details of the divisions.

And finally, I am still collecting photos from the weekend to put on the site – if you would like to contribute a photo or two (or more), please don’t hesitate to email them to me: Thanks!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear SHIHAN!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!! 🙂